Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Time to be very selfish ................

To the many people who read this blog - the majority of whom support the Fire Brigades Union, it is time to be called to

Tomorrow we will be announcing the details of  a virtual demonstration in support of the FBU and more importantly those in the FBU who stand up, speak out and are currently being investigated by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue . Our recent post got over 18,000 views in 24 hrs. For tomorrows post we need that 18,000 views  and many, many more.
Although we appreciate that many who are being investigated are not willing to be involved in a public way Fire Fighter and FBU activist Lee Indriks has nailed his colours to the mast  and publicly stated he is being investigated for liking a picture on Facebook. And guess what has happened? He is now being investigated for speaking publicly about what is happening to him.

Lee Indriks - Social Media Martyr
West Yorks FBU  
It is time to demonstrate to Chief Fire Officer Simon Pilling that the persecution and prevention of free speech will not be tolerated.
Watch this Space
and  in order to be prepared for tomorrow - get out your mobile and take a selfie on your phone. You are going to need it.
West Yorks FCDA - we look forward to recording YOU hitting our site tomorrow. :-)   (google analytics is a wonderful thing)


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Anonymous said...

What the service is doing to this guy is a disgrace. I am not in the fire brigade, I am just a member of the public and I am outraged at the way Lee is being treated. Utter shame on them for bullying a man who is preparred to lose his life to save others!

Anonymous said...

Who do they think they weekend we will remeber all those brave men and women who fell in the battlefields to prevent things like this from happening. Get a grip WYFRS!!!

Willam J.

Anonymous said...

I am please to report that thanks to a very sensible and good senior Manager within WYFRS, the investigations against me have been dropped. It is nice to see that there are still a handful of decent managers within my Brigade.

Lee Indriks
FBU Bradford Divisional Secretary