Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Time to be very selfish ................

To the many people who read this blog - the majority of whom support the Fire Brigades Union, it is time to be called to

Tomorrow we will be announcing the details of  a virtual demonstration in support of the FBU and more importantly those in the FBU who stand up, speak out and are currently being investigated by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue . Our recent post got over 18,000 views in 24 hrs. For tomorrows post we need that 18,000 views  and many, many more.
Although we appreciate that many who are being investigated are not willing to be involved in a public way Fire Fighter and FBU activist Lee Indriks has nailed his colours to the mast  and publicly stated he is being investigated for liking a picture on Facebook. And guess what has happened? He is now being investigated for speaking publicly about what is happening to him.

Lee Indriks - Social Media Martyr
West Yorks FBU  
It is time to demonstrate to Chief Fire Officer Simon Pilling that the persecution and prevention of free speech will not be tolerated.
Watch this Space
and  in order to be prepared for tomorrow - get out your mobile and take a selfie on your phone. You are going to need it.
West Yorks FCDA - we look forward to recording YOU hitting our site tomorrow. :-)   (google analytics is a wonderful thing)


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Sunday, November 03, 2013

The SS - Socialmedia Surveillance at WYFRS

We have been aware for well over a year now that West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue watch our  FCCL and personal FaceBook Pages.   My personal favourite was Group Manager Richard Veti saying to the then Brigade Membership Secretary David Williams "We know what sort of books she reads"  At the time Dave thought we had been rumbled in regard of our attempt to get Gipton Fire Station listed as I was reading books about the history of the fire service and volumes of old watch minutes. But what he actually meant was he had read a blog I had written about my local book club reading "50 Shades of Grey"  Then Andy Killingbeck an ill health  retired firefighter  was dragged in for a pension review and WYFRS cited articles on facebook  as a reason they considered him now fit for work.......... and refused to give the names of officers that had "brought it to managements attention" but as that is still under investigation we cant say much about it. It also came into the public domain that WYFRS had actually ordered surveillance on employees by private investigation companies and that Anthea Orchards car had a tracking device attached to it. And this is the stuff we know about !!!!!! What has gone on that has been undiscovered?

When FCCL was just getting into full swing in November 2012 and get loads of hits WYFRS  reissued their Social Media Policy to all staff. So we have always known we have been watched ......................................

We have had it confirmed that several  serving employees a(and high profile FBU members) are been investigated and potentially disciplined because they have been spotted "liking" pictures and / or articles on Facebook. A header used on West Yorkshire Fire Brigades Unions Facebook page is one of the offending pictures that has been "liked".
There is also the issue of picket lines - like many other Fire and Rescue Services WYFRS have banned the wearing of tunics whilst on picket lines and also banned the lighting of braziers. Now correct me if I am wrong - if ANYBODY knows how to supervise a lit  brazier a set of competent and qualified firefighters are probably as good as it gets.
So we would like you to share this handy information leaflet below- to show your disgust at the underhand and most likely illegal practise of monitoring FBU members social media postings. Freedom of Expression is enshrined in European Law.
Want to be disciplined ?  Wear your tunic and light a (controlled) fire.
Then blog, facebook and tweet and wait for the phone call from Simon P and Co.