Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Virtual Picket Line

We have had an IDEA - a VIRTUAL PICKET LINE 

Lots and lots of  people support the Fire Brigades Union's currently industrial action but are unable to pop down to the picket lines at Fire Stations and show their support "in the flesh".

So FCCL have decided to compile a virtual picket line of  photos and comments from members of the public for the forthcoming period of industrial action , which are  

Friday 2 May, between noon and 5pm
Saturday 3 May, between 2pm and 2am
Sunday 4 May, between 10am and 3pm

Simply send us a photo and some text 

explaining why you are

 supporting  the strike to

and we will upload the pictures in the

form of a video to our website. 

Don't forget to let us know which area

 of the country you are supporting. 
us a picture of yourself and some text explaining why you are supporting the Fire Brigades Union’s current industrial action to

Thursday, April 24, 2014

An Assistant Chief Officer called Steve,

An Assistant Chief Officer called Steve*

Has (you'll  find it hard to believe)#

Stopped West Yorks FBU, from emailing you

So we're cross and we need to concede...........  

# Ok we are being sarcastic it's been a long day!
 Concede to what you may ask ?

We here at FCCL have a very soft spot for David Williams of West Yorkshire FBU. He has over the past two and a half years risen  from associate, comrade, to  friend and now (poor sod) has achieved the heady heights of being a trusted pal. 

So when FCCL  read the West Yorks FBU facebook page on the 23rd April 2014  FCCL  went from serene to niffed quicker than a CFO discovering a camera might have been left running on a pump during a strike

So we are conceding  to our emotions (its a girl thing)  and wish to name and shame ACO Steve Rhodes as FCCL  consider him to be a BULLY  and worse is  guilty of victimisation and harassment of a union official, which is not only inappropriate behaviour for a Director of a Public Authority but in direct contravention of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 ! 

ACO Rhodes actions are also of course in direct contravention of WYFRS  Employment Services Trade Union Facilities Agreement Policy (Grey). A copy of which you can find here  

Dave's alleged try an email some of his members via his WYFRS email account! 

Now Dave (we happen to know because FCCL were also there) recently attended a TUC briefing on Facility and Recognition agreements,  so he  is fully aware of what he can and cannot do; and what the FBU as a recognised Trades Union is entitled to use as part of their facility / recognition agreement  with WYFRA .

Strangely enough the Chief Fire Officers Association don't seem to be allowed access 
to the above facilities - it would be interesting to  see if they did communicate
 with their members via their  WYFRS email accounts!  

So in closing  we have to award both David Williams and Steve Rhodes 10 /10. 

Dave for showing great courage in outing what ACO Rhodes has done - standing up to bullying such as this takes guts. 

And to 
ACO Rhodes for being our little blogs 
favourite person! 

To date FCCL has had 150,000 hits and 27% of all our traffic has viewed Handbag Gate - so we have a lot to thank him for really !