Thursday, June 26, 2014

Come on Dave the suspense is killing me

If you have ever wondered what Assistant Chief Fire Officers do as a hobby, apart from play with trains, rifle through handbags  and play bagpipes; we can now reveal that ACO Dave Walton takes pictures of fire hydrants that look like pineapples.

This is he assures us the first in an occasional series,
we wait Dave with bated breath, is the best yet to come?

If of course any of our followers see any pineapply hydrants why not take a piccie and  send it to Dave - we are confident he will be chuffed to bits.

But whilst we are on the topic of photos, here is one that is much more serious.

We've been sent this by an occupier in a block of flats who was concerned about the response they received to a fire in their building during the ongoing strike action. This is what happens when the incompetent officers who break the strike leave equipment behind, meaning the whole building was susceptible to smoke logging and  fire spread which will block everyone's escape.

The RTC wedge was left in the fire door for over 26 hours before being removed!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Well, well, well look what we have been sent
In accordance with LCC petitions guidance, please see the attached documents relating to a petition that 264 people have signed; the contents of which are self explanatory.
It has come to this stage because  senior investigating officers in the Fire Service, and some Fire Authority members, refuse to acknowledge the fact or take accountability for the proven facts that;
1. A fire engine and crew were misused at the tax payers expense.
2. The falsification of official documents to hide fact 1.
3. The people of and businesses of Wetherby were put at an unacceptable risk for over 4 hours.
We would like assurances that this incident, and others like it, where operational crews are stood down to carry out charity work will not happen again.
We would like an “independent” investigation or neutral interpretation of the proven facts.
Suitable action taken against the person who allowed this incident to happen and falsified the records.
An acknowledgment that this incident was wrong and an apology to the general public.
But WYFRS  seem non too  keen to  accept the fact that a full and frank investigation should take place.......... here is a response from  Mr Barnes , the WYFRS solicitors. And sadly we kid you not he did reply to a member of the public in shouty capital letters, (how very unprofessional and rude).
We copied and pasted the below directly from the email to
demonstrate the size of font Mr Barnes used.
I am not sure where you obtain your advice from but I am obliged to inform you that there is no provision in the FRA Constitution for a petition to trigger a public discussion.
The next meeting of the FRA is the AGM on 30th July. There is a limited provision subject to compliance with procedural requirements and certain exclusions for members of the public to ask questions at FRA meetings but if you read the

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Consultation

                                                  Here we go again, Fire Authorities are still being told by CFO's keen to implement cuts in

"our hands are tied" cuts in provision are forced through regardless of what the public think. 

Warwickshire are now asking for our help in publicising their petition against cuts in Fire & Rescue. 

The  link is available  HERE   please sign it and log your opposition to the cuts.  

Even though the consultation officially closed on Friday, we are sure the CFO of Warwick will be delighted to here from you. 

Why not make a complaint. 
If you are local ask why the consultation was not more thorough. The link is available here  to take you straight to their  webpage. 

Their Integrated Risk Management Plan is also well worth a read.  


It is our intention to use this IRMP to assess risk to the public
and to the Fire and Rescue Authority so that we can develop a
coordinated strategy that makes the best use of the money,
people and equipment that we have at our disposa

Have you signed yet ?  

Where ever you are in the country  

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dear CFO Pilling, Just a few hints for today because

We understand that Friday the 20th June you are invited to attend a meeting with Brandon Lewis MP the Minister responsible for decimating fire and rescue provision in the UK.

Sadly (for we sure as hell would like to look him in the face and give him our opinion) you have declined to attend the meeting in person and are joining by conference call.

We at FCCL sadly too have to spend hours on conference calls, so we thought we would give you a few handy hints  to see you through:-

1. WEAR A HEADSET even though it without a doubt  ruins your "hairdo",  or use a proper conference table top device if  you don't want to ruffle your hair.

2. ON NO ACCOUNT EAT CRISPS - unless of course you are able to mute the device for extended periods of time, which means you can't say much

3. TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND MOBILE - composing or  responding to emails is not on
 ( we are straying into multitasking territory here and you are the wrong sex for that to be done successfully)

And most important of all

4. SPEAK UP ....  we know you got your fancy Queens Medal for being a good boy,  being  obedient and implementing the  hatchet plans  for the Government,   in return for a huge salary of course.

 BUT like it or not Simon  regardless of all the spin you put on your figures, take of your rose tinted £160k specs and remember


1st PUMP RESPONSE TIMES ARE  DECREASING  - and you don't even dare talk about or publish 2nd and 3rd pump response times!

And expecting operational  fire fighters (they are the ones who do the dangerous dirty work btw)  to work until they are 60 is just unrealistic and down right DANGEROUS, not to mention unfair. 

So although we would have preferred you to pop on a train to London, to look the minister in the eyes. We understand why you haven't got time to attend........ honest we do!

If you are happy to condone the spending of £200 per pump for food for strike breaking operatives  during periods of industrial action,   doing your own food shopping  for the weekend must be quite a task,  we all understand the need to get to Waitrose before the Friday night rush! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Congratulations ............ best in West Yorkshire

Whoops, before you think we were complimenting West Yorkshire  Fire and Rescue
we had better put you right.

The congrats go to Anthia Orchard, an ex WYFRS employee who was illegally investigated by WYFRS  - when ACO Martyn Redfearn signed a RIPA order to have her followed by a private investigator, whose company illegally tracked her family car. After that WYFRS added insult to injury by tampering with her handbag when she had left the room.

We are delighted to announce that in her FIRST YEAR OF BUSINESS Anthia has won a coveted National Wedding Industry Award

After  FCCL congratulated  Anthia she said

" I've turned my life around after they (WYFRS) tried to ruin me.

And I've FCCL and the FBU  to thank for believing in me"

Having gone from being bereft at having to leave the job she loved, Anthia has indeed turned her life around, and looks forward in the next few months to opening her first retail outlet.

Anthia really has gone from "Blue Lights to Balloons" - words you might be hearing much more of in the future. 

If you would like to see more of Anthia's work it's available here